Our range of water saving devices can help you can reduce water waste and save money.

Our range of carefully selected water saving devices can help you to save one of our most precious resources. Easy to install around the house, they will enable you to monitor your water use closely or physically reduce your water wastage.

Our range of water saving flow regulators will fit on most taps and can stop drips without the need to call a plumber. Like our retro-fit shower heads, these tap regulators aerate the water flow, which can reduce your water use and save you money on your water bill. We also stock a range of shower timers and water meters so that you can better manage your water use and take active steps to reduce it.

For those with an active lifestyle, our travel water bottles – fillable from any naturally occurring fresh water or from your tap at home – can reduce reliance on single use bottled water.

And for clever tips on water saving around the home or business, we offer a selection of water saving guides and manuals as well as books for water-wise gardening in Australian climates.

Check out our range of water saving devices and guides to discover the small steps you can take around the home to conserve water which could reduce your water bill.