Pricing & tax

All pricing on our product pages is in Australian Dollars ($A), and is displayed including Australian tax (GST).
Note, the only exception are gift vouchers - GST is not paid when purchasing a gift voucher, as the GST will be collected when the voucher is redeemed. When you 'add a product' to your bag/cart you can set your 'country' and your tax and shipping will be itemised for you.

Tax details

As an Australian based company, we will collect tax on behalf of the Australian Government. Tax is only included in your order if it's being delivered to an Australian location:
Deliveries to Australia will include the 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST). This value is already included in the pricing displayed on the website.

View delivery details

Deliveries to NON-Australian locations will attract NO TAX. As we include the Australian tax in our pricing, overseas orders will effectively receive a reduction/discount of 10% when the tax is removed from your order. This deduction is automatically made when you select a non-Australian delivery/shipping address

View international delivery details

NOTE:Customers ordering items for delivery outside of Australia may still need to pay import duties/taxes to your own government. Most countries don't bother charging import duties/taxes on small value shipments, but you should check with the relevant authority in your country if you're unsure.

International Orders

When you 'add a product' to your bag/cart you can set your 'country' and your tax and shipping will be itemised for you.
We're not required to collect GST on any orders delivered to an International Address (outside Australia), therefore the 10% GST will be removed from your order if it is being delivered to an international address.
No tax is paid on orders delivered to international locations.

Currency conversion

We plan to introduce multi-currency features to our website in the future. In the meantime, we suggest you use the currency conversion tool built into Google to convert your currency to $A:
Simply enter the conversion you'd like done into the Google search box and hit the Google Search button.

Here are some examples:
50 AUD in currency of New Zealand (Converts $50 Aust into NZ Dollars)
50 AUD in USD (converts $50 Aust into US dollars)

To do your own conversion, just click on one of the above links and substitute your own amount and country info.

Simply Energy Store is registered for the GST and our Australian Business Number (ABN) is 49 097 244 552.