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motor monkey in car charger
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    Are you ready for the motormonkey?  One of the smallest, lightest in-car chargers in the world, motormonkey can charge most popular mobile phones, iPods, PSPs, iPhones, BlackBerrys whilst you're on the move!  It will also power an iPad but it will not charge it.Slimline design means that the motormonkey is unobtrusive in your car and you can leave it plugged into your cigarette lighter when you're not using it, without worrying about draining your car's battery!  The motormonkey...

    mini gorilla multi charger / back-up battery kit
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      Got a netbook, Smatphone or iPad? Need longer battery life?Originally designed specifically to work with the latest netbooks, the minigorilla is also able to charge the Apple iPad when used in conjunction with the Apple cable supplied with the iPad. It can also be used with e-readers, camcorders, mobile phones and many more electronic products that require a 19v DC input or less.The minigorilla portable charger has a laser-etched rubber coating, meaning it's tough and durable. Supplied with a...