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Freeplay Energy has been a leading global brand of clean, dependable energy products since 1994.  Freeplay Energy’s patented technology harnesses human, solar and rechargeable energy and converts it into electricity to power unique portable consumer products, replacing conventional disposable batteries that are environmentally toxic and expensive.

The current product range includes radios, torches, lanterns, and mobile power devices designed for both the Aid & Development market & the Retail market.  Freeplay Energy’s Lifeline radio is distributed throughout the developing world by aid and development organizations such as UNICEF and other United Nations agencies.

Driven by their core purpose: "To make energy available to everybody all of the time", Freeplay Energy seeks to maintain its leadership in creating and developing the market for self sufficient energy products internationally.

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Product Image : Freeplay Companion Emergency Radio
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    The Freeplay Companion is a self-sufficient AM/FM radio, a torch, and a mobile phone charger*, all in a unit that comes in a convenient size and is sturdy enough for camping or outdoor use. It has a solar panel and a crank so you'll never run out of power.This compact, robust radio has a rubberized body with recessed control knobs for impact resistance and comfort. Offering a choice of self-charge, solar and external recharge power options, the Companion delivers independence from wall power...