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Efergy : Engage Hub Solo (Please note : Computer & Smart phone for illustration purposes only)

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Efergy Item #: HH-1.0-AU -

    The Engage hub solo is what you need to start monitoring your home energy use online in real-time through the free Efergy online platform. The Engage hub receives a wireless signal from your fuse box and connects to the internet to send your usage data to your secure Engage account. The Engage online platform gives you all the information you need to make positive changes to your consumption behaviour. By monitoring and understanding how much electricity your home is using you can save energy...

    Efergy Elite with Sensor Clip, Transmitter and Wireless Monitor
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    Efergy Item #: ELITE -

      The Efergy Elite is an advanced wireless electricity monitor. Once attached to your conventional electricity meter via a wireless sensor/transmitter, you can then conveniently view (and save) your real-time energy usage on the hand-held efergy wireless display unit. With an optional efergy enagage internet hub (sold separately) you can also view your energy usage remotely via an internet connected PC or via your iPhone or Google Android enabled device. Research has proved that knowing how much...

      Efergy : Engage Hub Full Kit (Please note : Computer for illustration purposes only)
      RRP: $149.95

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      Efergy Item #: HH-1.0-AU-KIT -

        The engage hub kit enables you to see exactly how much electricity is being used in your home online and in real-time through the engage, efergy's free online platform. By tracking your energy costs online in real-time, you can reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint. The engage hub kit provides you with all you need to start monitoring your energy use through the engage online platform. Through this new technology it is now possible for you to view your home energy anytime, from...

        Efergy Remote Power Socket - 4 Pack

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        Efergy Item #: RCS-19AS -

          The remote controlled socket allows you to turn your appliances on and off remotely. It saves you time, effort, electricity and money. Turn off appliances such as computers, TVs, microwaves or lamps. Great for hard to reach sockets under desks or behind TVs or microwaves. Attach a trailing socket to turn off several appliances at once. The Remote Controlled Socket product consists of two parts; an electrical socket /plug and a remote control. The Remote Controlled Socket is plugged into any...

          Showertime: Shower Timer & Alarm: Efergy

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          Efergy Item #: SHOWERTIME -

            This easy to use, battery operated, show timer allows you to monitor the amount of water you use at every shower. Quickly and easily calibrate it to your shower by using the measuring bag supplied. Turn on the timer every time you shower and follow the progress on the visual display. Rather than counting down minutes, this unit allows you to decide on the maximum amount of litres you want to use, giving you full control of your water consumption. The alarm will sound when you have used your...

            Engage STXtra Kit : Transmitter and Micro Sensor : Efergy

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            Efergy Item #: STXTRA -

              Monitor Multiple circuits with your engage platformEasy to useAdd this kit to your engage system to view multiple circuits. Ideal for installations that want to view solar and generation data separately or any home that needs to see the consumption of a different area separately All the information you needEnergy Now - See in realtime your home electrical consumption/generationBudget - Set a target consumption for the month and monitor your progressCost So Far - See how much you have spent on...

              Efergy e2 Additional Sensor: Single Pack
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              Efergy Item #: E2SENSOR -

                This pack includes 1 additional sensor for the efergy e2 or Elite energy meter. By purchasing 2 of these extra sensors, you can monitor 3 phase power usage. A total of 3 sensors are required to measure 3 phase power: 2x additional sensors, plus the 1x sensor included with the efergy e2. Note, these extra sensors are optional accessories for the Efergy e2 Wireless Smart Electricity Meter or Efergy Elite sold separately (1 sensor is included with the Meter).(This sensor is not compatible with...

                Product Image : Efergy Standard Transmitter

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                Efergy Item #: ST-TM -

                  This is an optional accessory/spare-part for the Efergy e2 or the Elite Wireless Monitors which are sold separately.This Efergy Standard Transmitter wirelessly sends information about the amount of electricity you are using to your display monitor. Efergy meters must be installed by a licensed electrician.

                  Efergy XL 12mm Extra Sensor for E2 and Elite : Jackplug : Single Pack

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                  Efergy Item #: XL-SENSOR-V2 -

                    The new version of the additional extra large Jackplug sensors for use with E2 and Elite energy monitors. Both models of energy monitor come supplied with one standard size sensor.This extra large sensor should be purchased for use on cables that are between 12mm and 19mm in diameter. The use of cables over 12mm in diameter is relatively rare in Australia.(Click here for the standard size e2 sensor for cables under 12mm in diameter.)If you are operating a 3-phase supply then you will require a...