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Solio Clip-Mini : USB and Solar Rechargeable LED Light
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Solio Item #: XSS331AF1RW -

    Let the sun light up your night!The next time you head out on a far-off adventure, don't forget to bring along the Solio CLIP-MINI USB/Solar Rechargeable LED Light. Boosting a high efficiency solar panel and an integrated rechargeable battery, the CLIP-MINI allow you to use the clean energy of the sun to keep your light burning through the night. Stop limiting how far you’re able to go out of fear that your flashlight will run out of juice. Say good-bye to disposable batteries, and say hello...

    BioLite PowerLight Mini : Headlamp, Lantern and Bike Light / USB Charging Power Bank - Yellow
    RRP: $84.99

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    BioLite Item #: PLB1001 -

      Go hands free with this ultra slim clippable lantern that moves with you for on-the-go light and power. Slip it onto a pocket or strap and avoid harsh glares with edge-lighting, helping you see and be seen on the trail or on your commute. A 1350mAh USB rechargeable battery provides up to 52 hours of light or a backup boost to your phone. It's a headlamp, lantern, and bike light all in one highly compact form. Versatile Clipstand Clip it onto shirts and straps for hands-free personal light....

      BioLite Solar Panel 10 Plus
      RRP: $249.99

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      BioLite Item #: SPC1001 -

        Get smart power from the sun with the portable BioLite SolarPanel 10+. Power tablets, phones, and other gear with 10 watts of usable electricity. Featuring BioLite's Optimal Sun System, an integrated sundial aligns you to the sun to capture direct rays while a 360 degree kickstand simplifies positioning on uneven terrain. The folding design makes it easy to pack for any adventure. Use energy in real-time or store for later with the integrated 3000 mAh battery.Features:Real Time Power5 or 10...

        BioLite Solar Panel 5 Plus
        RRP: $149.99

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        BioLite Item #: SPA1001 -

          The Solar Panel 5+ is designed to maximise your charge. Get the most from the sun with the lightweight & portable BioLite SolarPanel 5+. Featuring BioLite's Optimal Sun System, an integrated sundial aligns you to the sun to capture direct rays while a 360 degree kickstand simplifies positioning on uneven terrain.The 2200mAh onboard battery stores energy for later, allowing you to charge devices when you need it most. Power phones, tablets, and BioLite gear with this ultraslim 5-Watt panel....

          SolarHome 620 Multi-Room Solar Light & Power

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          BioLite Item #: SHX1101 -

            The BioLite SolarHome 620 brings modern lighting, energy, and entertainment to transform any structure into an off-grid home. Born out of household research across India and sub-Saharan Africa, the SolarHome 620 is a self-contained system of solar lighting and charging.SolarHome's name comes from the 6-watt solar panel and 20 watt hour battery inside the control box that keeps the whole system running. An Integrated LED display provides real-time feedback on your sun strength and power...

            BioLite SunLight Portable Solar Light - Teal
            RRP: $44.99

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            BioLite Item #: PLE1003 -

              Leave the AAAs behind and enjoy unlimited light from the power of the sun. The SunLight's integrated solar panel creates self-reliant recharging and maximises efficiency through an integrated sundial and kickstand for optimal setup. A highly effective personal light, it packs easily and is perfect for campsites, wayfinding, and even a little bit of fun. Light Panel with 3 Modes Choose from white, full colour, or auto-cycle all colours in Party Mode Hanging Clip Attach to tents or to other...

              Goal Zero : Lighthouse 400 - Lantern and USB Power Hub
              RRP: $119.95

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              Goal Zero Item #: GZ32004 -

                Goal Zero's brightest lantern yet. The Lighthouse 400 Lantern and USB Power Hub gives you the brightest lantern light and recharges your phone. This lantern light also includes a hand crank feature so you will always have the ability to charge your light. THERE ARE 3 WAYS TO CHARGE THE LIGHTHOUSE 400 LANTERN: The Sun - The Lighthouse 400 can be charged by connecting a compatible solar panel. The Nomad 7 Solar Panel can charge the Lighthouse 400 in about 7-14 hours USB - The Lighthouse 400...

                Goal Zero : Lighthouse Mini - Lantern and USB Power Hub
                RRP: $79.95

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                Goal Zero Item #: GZ32003 -

                  Just like its big brother, the powerful Lighthouse Mini Lantern and USB Power Hub commands attention and to prove that smaller is better. With the power to control lighting lumens the light output hours will vary from your low to high light setting. This light is perfect for boating, camping, hiking or in your emergency kit at home. The USB feature can also be used to power USB devices such as fitbits and mobile phones. Features: Dimmable, Dual LED Light Adjust brightness and direction for...

                  Goal Zero Crush Light Chroma - Collapsible Solar Lantern
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                  Goal Zero Item #: GZ32013 -

                    Lightweight and easy to pack, the colourful Crush Light Chroma turns any campsite into a party. This collapsible solar lantern boasts six colour modes and a multi-colour fade in addition to the same three white light settings and candle flicker mode of the award-winning Crush Light.  Charge it up quickly from any USB port before you go and use the built-in solar panel to keep it powered from the sun throughout your adventure. Features: Light it - This collapsible solar powered...

                    Light-a-Life 350 - Portable Light
                    RRP: $69.95

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                    Goal Zero Item #: GZ24004 -

                      Easy to hang, chain and store! Compactible shade design for broad area light or warm lantern light with high/low settings. The Light-A-Life 350 is perfect for an outdoor camp or inside a tent. With built-in carabiner and magnets it’s quick and easy to hang anywhere. Chain with up to 8 lanterns together! Features convenient cable storage and low power draw for extended runtimes. Power the Light-A-Life from the Sherpa Power Pack or Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator. You can also power the...

                      Goal Zero : Light-a-Life Mini V2
                      RRP: $34.95

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                      Goal Zero Item #: GZ24007 -

                        Bright mini USB light with 110 Lumens, and collapsible diffuser for lantern or area light. Chainable LED light that pairs perfect with any Goal Zero recharger. Plus additional coloured shades can be purchased to fit any adventure. Features: CHAINABLE TENT LIGHT - Bright and lightweight, 110 lumens capable of lighting up a tent. Collapsible diffuser for soft or spot light. Chainable with up to 4 lights. Carabiner included for hanging. USB POWERED - Low-powered draw for long-lasting light from...

                        Goal Zero Lighthouse Core - Lantern and USB Power Hub
                        RRP: $99.95

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                        Goal Zero Item #: GZ32009 -

                          A good lantern shouldn’t be complicated. The Lighthouse Core is everything you need in a lantern, 430 lumens of well-dispersed light with an easy-to-use brightness dial, a built-in, long-lasting battery, and a USB output, just in case. It also has a built-in hanger on top and magnets in the base for easy mounting and hanging. Features: USB Rechargeable lantern featuring 430 LumensFeatures a 1A USB output and enough battery to recharge phones and other small USB devicesUp to 350 hours of run...