Smart weather stations allow you to monitor a range of weather and climatic readings. Instead of getting your data from weather stations which could be located miles from your house, you can get precise, accurate and relevant real-time data (down to 5 minute intervals) on weather conditions at your home sent directly to your phone.

By combining several different smart weather stations from our range, you could be delivered real-time information on humidity, temperature, indoor noise levels, wind and air quality to your smart phone. Outdoor weather station modules are installed outdoors to provide information about outdoor conditions, and indoor modules are installed inside your home to provide information about indoor conditions.

With the right information at your fingertips you can delay watering your plants if rain is forecasted. With a high UV alert, you can take added sun precautions. In case of high winds, you’ll be able to pre-secure outdoor furniture. And as the temperature rises and falls you can adjust your heating and cooling as needed – this can be automated or controlled remotely by pairing with a smart hub and creating advanced triggers or via voice command if you have a home assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

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Netatmo Additional Module for Weather Station

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    This wireless accessory can be placed anywhere in the home. It provides temperature, humidity and CO2 readings for the room it is in, sending you alerts when you need to air out the house, making it healthier. You can connect up to 3 Additional Modules to your Netatmo Weather station.Features:Can be placed anywhere in the home - provides temperature, humidity and CO2 readings for the room it is inSends you alerts when you need to air out the houseConnect up to x3 Additional Modules to your...

    Netatmo Mounting Bracket for Rain or Wind Gauge

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      Netatmo Mounting Bracket for Wind + Rain GaugeFeatures:Stand with standard screw for camera thread for Netatmo Wind Gauge or Rain GaugeCan be fitted with hose clips or with the included screws/wall plugsInstall on the wall, roof post, deck railings, or simply use on a boardThe head can be be tilted 90 degreesBox Contains:1 x Bracket1 x Post/Terrain adapter2 x Hose Clamps3 x screws & rawl plugs*Please note : Wind and Rain Stations sold separately* ...

      Netatmo Rain Gauge for Weather Station

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        The rain gouge provides real-time readings of the amount of rainfall and accumulated precipitation data. Track rain information precisely so you'll know when you need to water your plants.Features:Receive an alert on your smartphone the moment it starts rainingTrack rain information precisely so you'll know when you need to water your plantsMade from high quality plastic / Resistant to UV, hail and strong windsAdd x1 Rain Gauge per Weather StationMade for iPhone iOS and Android (4.0 or later)...

        Netatmo Urban Weather Station for Smartphone
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          Discover your home environment The Weather Station's Indoor Module measures your indoor comfort by providing vital information, alerting you when you need to air out your home to bring down its pollution levels. A healthier home We spend 80% of our time indoors, and yet indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. The Netatmo Weather Station measures indoor polution levels through a CO2 sensor, sending you alerts so you can air out your home when necessary and live in a healthier...

          Netatmo Welcome - Home Security Camera with Face Recognition

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            Welcome puts names to the faces it sees When your children pass in front of the camera, Welcome recognizes them thanks to its revolutionary face recognition technology. Know who is home, your loved ones or a stranger Welcome sends the names of the people it sees directly to your smartphone. Be notified when your children or elderly parents are home. The camera also alerts you when it sees a stranger. A seamless experience Welcome’s setup is straightforward: place the camera indoors, facing...

            Netatmo Wind Gauge for Weather Station

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              The wind gauge uses the very latest in ultrasound technology to reliably and accurately measure the wind's speed and direction, including those of wind gusts. You can configure how you want to be alerted if the wind reaches a certain speed and also receive more precise "feels like" temperature using the Weather Station App.The Wind Gauge is equipped with four ultrasonic transducers that emit continuous signals. The Wind Gauge uses variations in these signals to reliably and accurately measure...