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  • Plug-in Digital Thermostat : Heatermate
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  • Cooling : Plug-in Digital Thermostat

Heatermate Plug-in Digital Thermostat : Heating / Cooling Auto Power Switch

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    Stay comfortable all year round while cutting your Heating and Cooling costs with EnergySmart Thermostat - HeaterMate.

    New Australian energy saving innovation, HeaterMate, is a plug-in electronic digital thermostat, which will override the non-digital thermostat of your existing heater or air-conditioner and will provide you with a precise digital room temperature control.

    No wiring required - simply plug your heater or air-conditioner* into Heatermate and you have digital room temperature control.

    Since every degree C of unnecessary Heating/Cooling adds around 10% to your energy bills, the digital temperature control is a must-have energy saving requirement, whenever you are heating or cooling your home.

    Also suitable for:

    • Maintaining safe and comfortable temperature in your baby's room
    • Precise climate control for a person with allergies
    • Temperature control for your wine celler
    • Controlling heat extraction fan (roof cavity, storage)
    • Controlling cooling fan for server rack cabinet
    • Keeping the right temperature in your pet enclosure
    • Anti-frost protection for your garage or storage
    • Controlling your cupboard heater

    *works with heaters and air-conditioning units that automatically restart after power reconnection

    How it Works

    It is now a well known fact that every degree C of unnecessary heating/cooling adds around 10% to the relevant electricity costs ("10% per degree" rule) and it is becoming widely understood that the key to managing Heating and Cooling costs lies in a precise digital room temperature control that can be achieved with a particular heating or cooling appliance.

    Unfortunately, the majority of electric heaters and a large portion of window air-conditioners currently used in Australia are lacking the ability to correctly sense and digitally control the actual room temperature. The limitations of such non-digitally controlled heaters and air-conditioners are illustrated below.

    Unlike the heater/air-conditioner thermostat, HeaterMate is located separately from the heater/air-conditioner, which enables it to read the actual room temperature and precisely control it by turning the appliance ON and OFF at the powerpoint. Furthermore, by providing digital room temperature control Heatermate delivers the required accuracy of the temperature setting to enable user to save energy based on the above "10% per degree" rule.

    With Heatermate you will no longer need to keep adjusting your heater/air-conditioner thermostat depending on the weather or time of the day (or night) trying to save energy – Heatermate will do it for you. The heater/air-conditioner thermostat can now be permanently set to maximum for quick initial warm up/cool down, but, once your set room temperature is reached, Heatermate will take over the control and will maintain that temperature for you.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Operating voltage: 230V AC/ 50Hz;
    • Load (Max): 10A 2300W (Resistive)
    • Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C.
    • Store Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C.
    • Temperature Control range: 5°C ~ 30°C - Precision:±1°C / Measuring period: 10 S.
    • Function : Heating or Cooling.
    Key Features:
    • Simultaneously displays current room temperature and set temperature.
    • Digital thermometer function in stand-by.
    • Back-up battery allows setting out of mains socket and stores set point.
    • Easy room temperature setting by pressing UP and DOWN buttons.
    • Can be used to control heater in winter and air-conditioner or heat extraction fan in summer
    • Colour LED status indicator.

    Q: My heater is an older model - is your controller suitable for older heater (I don’t want to buy a new one)?
    A: Heatermate will work with any electric heater - there is no need to buy a new one.

    Q: Can I keep the heater on all the time without worrying about my energy bills skyrocketing?
    A: Yes, you can have the heater switch in ON position all the time while you are using the room - Heatermate will chose the best energy saving regime to maintain your desired room temperature and will keep your heater OFF for you when no further heating is required.

    Q: I have very sunny room and with heater on it’s always too hot in the morning. How Heatermate can help in this case?
    A: Sunny aspect definitely helps with energy savings. Heatermate will pick up all the heat that is supplied by the sun and will keep the heater off all the time when the sun is doing the heating job for you.

    Q: Usually I heat up in the evening and use warm blanket, but in the morning is very uncomfortable and cold to get up, how can I use Heatermate ?
    A: If you have a warm blanket then you may set the room temperature a bit lower, say 18 deg C and the Heatermate will maintain it for you. Your heater may need to be switched on by the Heatermate only a couple of times during the night (and on some nights not at all) but you will know that your bedroom will never get too cold.

    Q: My son is suffering from allergy and dry air from heating is not good for him, but I can’t leave room cold, as he is getting sick. What you advise with Heatermate?
    A: People with allergies are sensitive to both overheating (hot, dry air in the room) as well as to when the room gets too cold. With kids especially, as they tend to uncover themselves in their sleep, cold bedroom can easily lead to colds. Heatermate solves both of these problems by making sure that the room is neither too hot nor too cold all the time.

    Q: In midseason it sometimes gets cold just for few hours, but my arthritis is feeling straight away. Please explain if Heatermate can make the difference?
    A: With Heatermate you can be comfortable all through the year. Even in midseason (spring or autumn), when cold nights happen only once in a while, you can be sure that your bedroom temperature will never drop below your comfort level. Simply keep your Heatermate connected all the time and it will turn your heater on automatically on a cold night. At the same time on most of the nights it will still keep your heater off – so that there is no energy wasted.

    Q: I have ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning in the house – can I benefit from Heatermate?
    A: Usually ducted reverse cycle air conditioning controls the temperature of the whole house and keeping the whole house warm during the night in winter can be as expensive as it is unnecessary. Usually just the warm bedrooms are required and Heatermate can definitely help you to save some money and keep your bedroom at your comfortable temperature level.