POWERplus Zebra Solar Powerbank - 2000 mAh Battery

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    The POWERplus Zebra is a solar powerbank / charger with integrated LED light. The Zebra has integrated charging indication and battery status LEDs. The included multi output USB cable has output with micro USB, iPhone4 and iPhone 5/6 adapter.

    Zebra Solar powerbank information sheet

    Product Features:

    • Optimised charging angle towards sun
    • Charging and battery status indicators
    • Integrated LED light
    • USB out 5V / 1.0A
    • Including USB charging cable with micro USB, iPhone4 and iPhone 5/6 (lightning) connection.

    Colour of Product:

    Technical details

    • Solar cell 5.0V / 60 mA/ 0.3W - 16% efficiency
    • Battery Lithium 3.7V / 2.000 mAh
    • DC input 5V +/-0.5V / 0.8A max
    • DC output 5V / 1A max
    • Overcharge protection