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  • motor monkey in car charger
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Motor Monkey : 12 Volt In-Car USB Charger : Powertraveller

RRP: $27.95
No Longer Available
    Item #: MM001
    Availability: No Longer Available
    Leaves Melbourne : Discontinued
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    Are you ready for the motormonkey?  One of the smallest, lightest in-car chargers in the world, motormonkey can charge most popular mobile phones, iPods, PSPs, iPhones, BlackBerrys whilst you're on the move!  

    It will also power an iPad but it will not charge it.

    Slimline design means that the motormonkey is unobtrusive in your car and you can leave it plugged into your cigarette lighter when you're not using it, without worrying about draining your car's battery! 

    The motormonkey is designed to be permanently located in the car's socket, sitting passively until you need it. 

    Only when your mobile or other electronic device is connected does the internal intelligent circuit activate the supply of power to the unit.  When your device is fully charged, motormonkey will automatically shut down - ready for when you need it next!

    The motormonkey has the added bonus of coming with a retractable USB cable, meaning you can also recharge your gadgets from your laptop.  A complete charging solution for the busy traveller!

    Motormonkey will fully support Apple iPod nano, iPod Classic, iPhone, iPod Touch and other iPod series via motormonkey USB socket. (You just need to use the apple USB cable that came with your apple product)

    Each Kit Includes:
    • motormonkey (1)
    • Storage box
    • Samsung M300/G600 tip (6)
    • Nokia & Mini Nokia tip (9)
    • Micro USB (3)
    • USB retractable cable (5)
    • Mini USB for Motorola Razr, BlackBerry, Sat Navs and other USB powered devices (4)
    • Sony Ericsson K750i wide connector (2)
    • DC 4.0 connector for PSP (8)
    • LG chocolate connector (7)

    motormonkey features:
    • motormonkey unit in sleek stainless steel (1)
    • rounded end plugs into lighter socket (2)
    • USB socket (3)
    • LED light comes on when charging (4)

    (Product images featuring iPhones, PSP's etc are for display purposes only - the 'connector tips' for these devices are included in the motormonkey kit. The Apple cable is not included - you simply need to use the Apple cable that came with your device.)

    Technical Specifications:

    • Input: 12V~24V
    • Output: 5.5V 700mA
    • Output Port: USB supports iPod
    • Length: 43mm; Diameter: 24mm
    • Weight: 40g
    • Colour: silver

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Where can I purchase additional motormonkey tips?
    A: You can purchase additional tips online here.

    Q: What are the benefits of the motormonkey over other cheaper alternatives?
    A: The Motormonkey is universal. If you change your phone you do not have to purchase a new charger, making it beneficial to the environment too. The motormonkey also has many safety features to protect your phone and your car battery. It is one of the smallest, lightest in-car charger in the world.

    Q: Do I need to remove the Motormonkey from the cigarette lighter socket when it's not in use?
    A: No, the motormonkey will draw no power from your vehicles battery unless a device is plugged in and requires charge. Once your device is fully charged, the motormonkey will become passive again. The motormonkey is designed to sit almost flush in your cigarette lighter socket so you can leave it in-situ and close the coverflap if your car has one.

    Q: Can the motormonkey be used in my truck or lorry which has a 24v socket?
    A: Yes - the Motormonkey can be used in both 12v and 24v sockets.

    Q: Can I charge my laptop from my motormonkey?
    A: No, the Motormonkey is only suitable for 5v devices such as Mobile phone, iPods, Mp3 players, GPS and Sat Navs, Handheld games consoles etc.

    Q: Will my motormonkey recharge my powermonkey?
    A: Yes, please connect the retractable USB cable to your Motormonkey and insert the other end directly into the charge socket of your Powermonkey.

    Q: Will my motormonkey recharge my iPad?
    A: The motormonkey will power an iPad, but not charge it.

    Q:My motormonkey will not work in my car?
    A: Please check the following:
    • The Motormonkey is firmly inserted into your 12v socket
    • Your lighter socket is live. Do any other devices work from it? Is the Fuse OK
    • Please check that you have a compatible device connected and ready to charge. The Red LED will only turn ON when charging commences
    • Ensure that there is not a build up of ash, dust or other contaminates and that the metal contacts are clean. You can clean these with a cotton bud and some white spirit - always ensure the socket is off before attempting to clean and never stick a metal object such as a screwdriver inside to clean the contacts as this could short the socket and blow the fuse.
    • Please try in an alternate car if the Motormonkey still appears not to work

    Q: Does the white Apple sync cable come with the Motormonkey?
    A: No, the white apple sync cable is not included with the motormonkey