Efergy XL 12mm Extra Sensor for E2 and Elite : Jackplug : Single Pack

Efergy XL 12 to 19mm Extra Sensor for E2 and Elite : Jackplug : Single Pack

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    The new version of the additional extra large Jackplug sensors for use with E2 and Elite energy monitors. Both models of energy monitor come supplied with one standard size sensor.

    This extra large sensor should be purchased for use on cables that are between 12mm and 19mm in diameter. The use of cables over 12mm in diameter is relatively rare in Australia.

    (Click here for the standard size e2 sensor for cables under 12mm in diameter.)

    If you are operating a 3-phase supply then you will require a total of 3 sensors.

    NOTE: If you are purchasing a sensor for a monitor that you already own, please check the connection type between the sensor and transmitter before ordering, to ensure you receive the correct product. If you have an older monitor you may require the old 'DC' style fitment of sensor.

    This extra sensor is an optional accessory for the Efergy E2 or Elite Wireless Smart Meters sold separately (one standard size sensor is included with each of the meters).

    These sensors are not compatible with the efergy one.