Digitech Remote Controlled Power Socket Set (3 Pack)

Digitech Remote Controlled Power Socket Set (3 Pack)

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    Remote controlled power outlets allow you to wirelessly control your appliances from a convenient location.

    • Configurable - Switch individual appliances on or off, or switch a group together.
    • Wireless - Each remote can switch up to four power points (or groups) even in hard to reach locations.
    • Energy Saving - Easily switch any appliances off when not in use to reduce power consumption.
    • Scalable - Purchase multiple kits and link all sockets to one remote, or use multiple remotes.
    How Remote Controlled Electrical Sockets Work:

    The kit comes with three remote controlled sockets and one remote. By allowing you to turn appliances off with the touch of a button, it helps you save electricity, time, and money.

    Keep the remote control in a convenient place, or stick it to the wall next to a light switch. That way you'll remember to use it and maximise your energy savings.

    Here are a few example applications:

    • Keep your TV and entertainment centre completely switched off when not in use.
    • Switch off your internet modem & WiFi router as you leave the house.
    • Turn off the office water cooler at night and over the weekend.
    • Control bedside lamps or any device with a hard-to-reach power socket.
    • Switch off plug-in office ceiling lights without the need to re-wire anything.


    • Plug Type - Standard 10A Australia / New Zealand 3-pin plug & socket
    • Voltage - 240 V AC (50 Hz)
    • Operating Environment - Indoors
    • Power Range - 0 - 2,400W (10 Amp)
    • Socket Dimensions - 95mm x 52mm x 60mm (height x width x depth)
    • Controller Dimensions - 115mm x 40mm x 20mm (height x width x depth)
    • Weight - 95g (each socket), 41g (remote control)
    • Operating Power - 1W standby load
    • Remote Frequency - 433.92MHz
    • Remote Range - Approx. 30m
    • Remote Battery - 2 x AAA 1.5V

    How do I install the Remote Controlled Socket?

    Installation is easy:
    Insert the batteries into the remote control.
    • Plug one of the sockets into a mains outlet, the LED light will flash red.
    • Select and press one of the ON switches from A,B,C, and D on the remote control.
    • The LED will then stop flashing. The socket is now paired to this ON switch on the remote.
    • You can now remotely control the socket and any appliance connected to it.
    • Repeat this process for the other sockets selecting a different ON button on the remote for each different socket.
    Note: When there is a power blackout or the socket is removed from the mains, you may need to repeat the set up process to the socket and the remote.

    How many sockets can I fit on a common wall outlet?
    • One. The socket is slightly too wide for two units to fit side-by-side on many common Australian & NZ dual wall outlets. However, you can fit one with room to continue using the second socket as pictured below. You can also plug in the sockets into a multi-socket power board.