SolarHome 620 Multi-Room Solar Light & Power
  • SolarHome 620 Multi-Room Solar Light & Power
  • Control box with radio, mp3 player, light and USB power out
  • Control box with USB power out
  • Motion sensor security light
  • Ceiling mounted lights
  • 6 watt solar pane
  • Solar Home setup

BioLite SolarHome 620 Multi-Room Solar Light and Power

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    The BioLite SolarHome 620 brings modern lighting, energy, and entertainment to transform any structure into an off-grid home. Born out of household research across India and sub-Saharan Africa, the SolarHome 620 is a self-contained system of solar lighting and charging.

    SolarHome's name comes from the 6-watt solar panel and 20 watt hour battery inside the control box that keeps the whole system running. An Integrated LED display provides real-time feedback on your sun strength and power available.

    The easy-to-install 6 watt solar panel captures daily sun to charge up a central 20 Wh control box which powers 3 hanging lights, USB charge-out, and an MP3/FM radio system.

    The system combines functional and protective lighting (motion sensor included), USB charging, and radio and mp3 capabilities, creating a hub designed for everyday use.

    Ideal for cabins, van life, and hunting structures, the SolarHome 620 is a perfect entry into solar living with easy installation and flexible setup.

    6 Watt Solar System
    Generate from the sun and store inside 20 watt-hour powerbank located in control box

    Wall Mounted Control Box
    Control box with radio, mp3 player, light and USB power out
    Splash Resistant, not water resistant

    Multi-Room Overhead Light
    Illuminate multiple spaces with (2 x 100 lumen hanging lights, each with individual ON/OFF switch, Use wall mounted switch to adjust to 3 levels of brightness.
    Dim hanging lights via mounted switch

    MP3 & Radio Capability
    Access your music with on-board speaker

    Motion Sensor Light
    3rd light comes with motion sensor capabilities for basic security

    Centralised Control Box
    Easy to use digital display for real-time feedback on power availability, speaker control, and device charging

    Inputs :
    Solar panel port x1

    Outputs :
    USB Charge Out x2 (USB Devices)
    DIN Port x1 (Expansion Battery)
    Light Port x2
    Light Junctions x3 (Light Extensions)

    Lumens :
    100 Lm per light

    Battery :
    6.4V - 3300 mAh (20 Whr)

    Dimensions :
    Control Box: 7.9 x 6.1 x 2.9 in (200 x 154 x 68 mm )
    Hanging Lights (each): 5.9 x 5.5 x 3.2 in (150 x 140 x 82 mm )
    Solar Panel: 11.4 x 7.5 x 0.6 in (290 x 190 x 16 mm )

    Cord Length :
    Solar Panel: 18 ft (5.5 m); Lights: 21 ft (6.5 m)

    Weight :
    Control Box: 550g (1.21 lbs)
    Hanging Lights (each): 300g (0.66 lbs)
    Solar Panel: 720g (1.59 lbs)

    Run Time :
    With all 4 lights on, 1 day of full sun provides:
    14 hours (LO brightness)
    7 hours (MED brightness)
    4.5 hours (HI brightness)

    In The Box :

    Control Box
    2 Hanging Lights
    1 Security Light
    1 Solar Panel
    The system comes packed in a kit the size of a shoebox