Arlec has a presence in most Australians homes and workplaces due to a large and forever evolving range of hundreds of consumer based products. At Simply Energy, we offer Arlec products that assist you to save energy with Digital Timers, LED lights, LED nightlights and battery powered motion sensors to name a few. If you are looking to save energy, Arlec products are the essentials to start saving money. If you are looking to understand what products are consuming the most power, a great place to start is the Arlec Energy Cost Meter. This innovative product allows you to calculate the running costs of products such as your fridge, dryer, washing machine, TV or anything that can be plugged into an Australian power point. At Simply Energy, we have hand picked the best of the Arlec range and have them ready for delivery. So if you’re ready to start saving energy in your home or office, view the products below.


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Product Image : Arlec Compact Digital Timer Switch

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Arlec Item #: PC697 -

    This timer will remember to turn appliances off even when you don't - saving energy and saving money. It's designed to automatically switch appliances on and off using programmable digital buttons and a LCD display. Features: 10 ON / OFF programs with 1 minute switching increments.Weekday, weekend, 7 day & random program function (for security when the house is unoccupied) In-built rechargeable battery maintains programs in the event of power failure.Compact sizeDaylight savings...

    LED Lights: 100 Multi Colour LED Cherry Lights : Arlec

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    Arlec Item #: LVE522 -

      100 Multi LED Cherry LightsEnergy saving LED technologyA string of 100 multi colour LED cherry lights powered by an LED driver adaptor. (25 × Red, 25 × Green, 25 × Amber, 25 × Blue) 

      LED Lights: 200 White Low Voltage Bud Lights : Arlec

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      Arlec Item #: LVE213 -

        200 White LED Low Voltage Bud Lights Energy saving LED technology A string of 200 super bright, white , long life LEDs powered by an LED driver. The total length from the transformer to the last LED is 25 metres.From the first LED to the last LED the length is approximately 20 metres.The cable is green in colour.