13 Watt: R63: Reflector Bulb: Ingenium 15,000hrs: Edison Screw: Megaman

Megaman 13 Watt: R63: Reflector Bulb: Ingenium 15,000hrs: Edison Screw

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    Megaman® Reflector series, available in a range of shapes and lamp bases, generates much less heat and consumes far less energy than halogen reflectors, while providing excellent illumination.

    The Megaman® Energy Saving Reflector is equipped with the Ingenium technology allowing it to last up to 15,000 hours. The switching cycle is improved up to 600,000 times and a shorter preheating time and excellent luminous efficacy maximise performance. The operating life of lamps is measured against IEC60969 standards.

    Eco benefits:
    • Cost effective: 10,000 - 15,000 hour life reduces replacement and maintenance.
    • Environmentally friendly manufacturing: Each Megaman® GU10 Reflector contains less than 3mg of mercury, uses recyclable plastic materials and snap-in assembly to facilitate recycling.

      Components are fixed with water based adhesive to prevent emission of toxic gas during production. Lamp size has been reduced while maintaining performance to reduce materials used for lamps and packaging.

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